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(The programme for 2021 has during the first part of the year been comprised of a series of five newsletters, called UNHINGED, which are now available to be read Ringwood Society's history page: please click here).

Subsequent issues of Unhinged will not appear on the Society's webpages


RPS Members: Please be advised that the meeting due to be held on 11 January has had to be cancelled. The next meeting is now "Exploring Forgeries in your collection" on 8 February.


14 September

7:30 Members' mini displays, plus Bring & Buy  
12 October 2:00 "Basingstoke along the A30" Martin Appleton
9 November 2:00 "The History of the Salvation Army", then "The Cause, Cure and History of the Plague Pandemics" Chris Wheeler
14 December 7:30 ***CANCELLED***  
11 January 2:00 ***CANCELLED***  
8 February 2:00 "Exploring Forgeries in your collection" Members to bring along items from their collection
8 March 7:30 Annual Competition - Traditional, Thematic, Postal History, Open Philately and First Timers, plus Bring & Buy  
12 April 7:30 "The Australian KGV 1d Red - The Early Story" Colin Mount
10 May 7:30 Members' "One Page Competition" plus Bring & Buy  
14 June 7:30 "Smithy and his Bus" Susan Burn
13 July 7:30 55th AGM plus Entertainment  


Past Meeting Reports

To see reports and pictures of meetings from 2012 to 2020, please click here

Report on meeting held on 9 November 2021

"The History of the Salvation Army", then "The Cause, Cure and History of the Plague Pandemics"

by Chris Wheeler

(not written up yet)


Report on meeting held on 12 October 2021

"Basingstoke along the A30"
Martin Appleton

        Stamp dealers may be among the very best placed to build up not only a grand personal collection, but also a huge knowledge of a given theme or subject.  Speaker Martin Appleton is no exception here and Ringwood Philatelic Society Members were gifted a truly wonderful afternoon. His presentation, seeped in Basingstoke postal history was fascinating, colourful, informative, decidedly humorous, and bursting with postcards, covers and philatelic gems. Martin regaled Members with numerous stories of life in and around the town and the A30 over many years, including the military, railways, solicitors’ archives and not least those emanating from public houses!  It was evident that Martin had grown up in the town with a keen awareness of history all around him and his understanding of this, combined with his collecting expertise and turn of humour, provided the ingredients for this powerful address to the Ringwood Philatelic Society.  


Crimean War 1856 (May 31st). Envelope to George Lamb in
Basingstoke with a clear arrival and clear Post Office/British Army CDS in green

 P Barry   Publicity Officer


Report on meeting held on 14 September 2021

Members' mini displays, plus Bring & Buy

(not available yet)


Report on meeting held on 13 July 2021

‘The Western Desert Campaign 1940-43’
Gavin Fryer FRPSL

        Following a lengthy period of lockdown, Ringwood Philatelic Society was very pleased to re-convene with Gavin Fryer’s engaging presentation: ‘The Western Desert Campaign 1940-43’. This was a rich historical philatelic journey into a major and pivotal part of the war. It was superbly supported by maps, newspaper cuttings, stamps, original covers and letters, telegrams, censored mail, Christmas cards, detailed information sheets and fine exposition. Over many years, Gavin had made an in-depth study of this subject and his knowledge was most impressive. His presentation followed a strict chronology, commencing with April 1940 when Sir Henry Maitland Wilson, Commander of British troops in Egypt, formed the Western Desert Force. There began a period in which Allied and Axis forces were at war in huge numbers involving many nations. Gavin considered the conflict from both sides, covering key decisions, commanders and command and the essential focus on supply. Operations, offensives, sieges and retreats were all looked at. A closer examination of major personalities was engaged, such as Rommel and Montgomery. A major emphasis dealt with the concluding episodes of the conflict, which finally saw nearly 240,000 German and Italian soldiers captured, with Alexander’s signal to Churchill stating ‘The Tunisian Campaign is over...we are masters of the North African shores’. The vital supply of oil to progress the European war had been achieved.
        Underpinned by rich military and historical content, this quality of presentation was exceptional and much appreciated by RPS Members...an excellent start to the Society’s emerging programme.

(Paul Barry - Publicity Officer)


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on the second Tuesday of each month (except August)
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To see reports and pictures of meetings from 2012 to 2020, please click here


    The next meeting will be
held at 2:00pm on Tuesday 8 February 2022

"Exploring Forgeries in your collection" - members to bring along examples from their own collections


Visitors and new members most welcome.

Meetings will start at 2:00pm or 7:30pm (see programme) at the Greyfriars Centre, Ringwood (Room to be advised)



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