Poole and Bournemouth Stamp & Postcard Club (Founded 1967)

Affiliated to the Association of British Philatelic Societies


The Hampshire Philatelic Federation

Meetings are held at 7:30pm on the first and third Thursday of each month at the Upton Community Centre,
Poole Road, Upton, Poole BH16 5JA (see map at bottom of page)

To contact the Publicity Officer e-mail chriswheeler07@btinternet.com


Car park at Upton Community Centre
and St Dunstan's Church, Upton, Poole

To see reports from meetings since 1 November 2012, please click here



The Committee met on 12th May and started planning for the reopening of the Club.
These plans have now been updated in the light of the latest extension to the lockdown.
Providing it is safe to do so, and allowed by government regulations,
the Club will start meetings again on 16th September.
However, a number of key Committee posts urgently need filling, and without them the Club cannot continue.
This situation will be discussed at the first meeting, and reviewed on 7th October.
For the time being meetings will be restricted to members’ displays, an Auction, and an AGM (held over from last year).
There will be no Stamp Fair this year.

Club Programme for 2021

16 September

Welcome back.
Outline the position of the Club and Committee
Members’ displays Acquisitions and write-ups since lockdown

07 October

Members’ displays Going postal

21 October


04 November

Review responses to need for Committee members
Members’ displays Stamps only

18 November

Members’ displays A single country

02 December

AGM. Plus members’ displays One sheet from everyone

16 December

Christmas social



Meeting Reports

Thursday 5th March 2020 - Spring Auction and Raffle

There was a good variety of lots for sale, which included coins and memorabilia, as well as stamps and albums, with plenty of buyers at the evening's Spring Auction. It was good to be able to re-introduce the raffle which raised £29.00

chris wheeler


Thursday 6th February, 2020 - Members Displays: Space

Mike Trickett opened the evening with a “mixed bag” of subjects, areas, format and interpretation of Space, starting with a selection of postcards, stamps on outer space, including humorous postcards of Germans looking at the passing of Haley’s comet, and ending with some pictures of the Satellite production and testing facility on the Isle of Wight from which 22 launches took place.  Mark followed with a range of stamps from his “poor quality” collection, including stamps printed with cancellations already applied.  Sets from Ecuador and Venezuela were concentrated on.  Rick Wilmot put up a frame of used covers posted from all round the world, but all with Czechoslovakian stamps, featuring astronauts, each cover being well illustrated.  The next frame was packed with stamps and a few FDCs from Ken Parrott, depicting sets from a host of countries, A to Z, covering many aspects relating to the space programme, all most colourful.  Chris Wheeler interpreted space as an open area, with a frame of postcards showing views of Central Park, New York, explaining its development from rough ground 2½ miles by ½ mile, back in the 1850s.  Tony Arnold displayed six frames, starting with stamps on a stellar wallpaper background, which was very effective, followed by postcards, miniature sheets, covers and the large holographic sheets issued by different countries showing the earth and space.  Postmarks and space-related cancellations were included.  The evening closed with a short article from The Telegraph showing the only Brexit stamp, one from Austria with Great Britain just a space on the map!

France - Space Programme Germany - postcard "The Comet is Coming" Ecuador - miniature sheet and single stamp on piece
Registered cover with Czechoslovakian stamp and illustration Space Dog LAIKA Cosmanauts in their Capsule
Florida Space Centre postcard TheNight Sky - Scorpio 2020 BREXIT stamp from Austria

(chris wheeler)


Thursday 16 January 2020
Members Displays - Islands

Twelve of the eighteen members present this evening put up one or two sheet displays covering a broad range of topics with Islands as the theme, including one of our new members, Peter Roberts who displayed for the first time. Tony Arnold began with two frames of mainly postcards covering the Channel Islands, Malta and the Canary Islands. Peter Roberts defined what local stamps were and showed examples of them from some of the 41 English and 252 Scottish islands, including Sealand built during WWII, and now a private residence. Mark concentrated on the Galapagos Islands, showing stamps depicting some of the wonderful wildlife existing there on this province of Ecuador with a population of some 10,000. Ken Parrott concentrated on the Bahamas, Bermuda, Cyprus and the independent issues of Kiribati. Michael Mawdsley took a novel approach with a sheet of stamps on an island from each letter of the alphabet except the letter X. Mike Houchen put up a frame of presentation packs from Jersey, whilst Rick Wilmot put up several Year Packs from Aland, and a cover which had been opened (censored) by the Border Force. Ted Kemp put up finely illustrated covers each with a single mint stamp of a bird from a different country retained in a clear thin plastic sleeve. This was followed by Chris Wheeler who put up a frame of all the stamps issued by Madiera between 1980 and 2005, illustrating the wide scope of designs and themes used over the 25 years. Mike Trickett put up a rare example of a very early cover taken from Lundy to Bideford for postage, before the introduction of the local puffin stamps, as well as an airmail stamp used for mail takn to the mainland by plane from the small airfield on the island. Many examples of different papers, printings and other varieties were included. David Wilkins closed the evening with a frame of stamps from their inception, from the Island of Formosa. An excellent and varied evening which everyone enjoyed.

Amalgamation of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands to form Kiribati in 1979 Bahamas overprint Aland examples
Floral exhitis from the Galapagos Canary Islands from Spain Early Grenada stamp
  Early Newfoundland in brown Example from the Island Birds presentation pack issue
Two early stamps from Formosa Triangular for Lundy Bisect on cover from Jersey
Rare pre-puffin on piece. delivered to the mainland

chris wheeler


Thursday 2 January 2020
Members Displays - Cinderellas, Back of the Book

Tony Arnold started the evening with an overview of what the term Cinderella covered and then proceeded to show five frames of examples covering a wide range material includng College stamps, TV and National Savings, labels from Lundy, Scout Hall stamps and local mail. Mike Houchen followed with an array of local postals and labels issued by the many islands around the UK, all featuring lighthouses, including ferry and ship labels. Some overprints were included. Mark continued with his back-of-the-book collection of Belgium Railway stamps, a very extensive collection, imprinted in French and including the French Railways use of Belgian routing. These commenced in the 1860s, were plentiful and are still very popular. He showed examples of issues stolen by the Germans at the start and during the War, and countermeasures taken to ensure that the correct rates had been paid, with modified issues by the Railway Company. Rick Wilmot concentrated on a breakaway Principality set up in Wesrern Australia by Prince Leonard, called the Hutt River Principality. Many very interesting issues were released, used mainly by visitors, as there are now only about 30 permanent residents. Closing the second half Ray Saunders mounted two frames of stamps produced by Rushstamps for some of the Caribbean Counties, which blacked out their country name and were overprinted "Hampshire Local Mail" with the value, during the 1988 postal strike.
Mike Trickett put up some vignettes, stickers with perforations, labels, export control stickers, receipt stamps, local justice and postal staff training stamps, all from France. Wendy Buckle showed a range of Revenue stamps and their rubber stamp and preprinted precursors on documents going right back to 1639. The First Stamp Act came into force in 1694 and remained effective until 1861. She closed with some advertising labels. Finally, Chris Wheeler put up a frame of recent "Through My Door" covers with examples from around the world illustrating the different and up-to-date use of fama labels, bar codes and stickers to pay for and adorn their mail.

Local Post, Stroma to John O'Groats Belgian Railways, Chemin de Fer with upside down cancellation Strike Mail produced in Lyndhurst,with country obliterated, for Local Mail use
Wareham, Dorset, Christmas Scout Hut Appeal, 25p Label availableto passengers on the Waverley Aid for the War Wounded, used on Military Correspondence
Prince Leonard, 4th Prince of Hutt River Province Principality Top of 1659 document with imprinted tax mark, Generalite de Paris,
Two sheets bound together

chris wheeler



To see reports from meetings since 1 November 2012, please click here


Future Meetings

Thursday 1 October 2020 - Members Displays

The Club meets at the Upton Community Centre (next to St Dunstan's Church) in the evenings of the first and third Thursdays of the month at 7.15pm for 7.30pm.
Annual membership subscription is £6. For further details please contact:

Secretary:- Michael Mawdsley, email: michael.p.mawdsley@gmail.com

or Mike Houchen:- 01202 622873 (Local, Upton)



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